Thursday, 7 February 2013

Going grey gracefully... Hmmmm

Not sure where I stand on this one if I'm honest. I have some guests that embrace there natural 'platinum' ones. And others that can't stand the sight of them.
There's pros and cons to both isn't there really? I mean au natural is a lot cheaper and much more low maintenance, but the question is, does it add years ?
I think you can get some seriously beautiful silver/whites and teamed with a chic haircut can look great, however, long straggly hair isn't always complimentary? In my books as long as the hair looks 'young' so do you.
Im really not into the highlight thing either really? Either get rid or embrace. I'm an all or nothing girl and I think 'lowlights' just look cheap.
Maybe when I get my first grey I'll feel different? We'll see, I'm hoping that day doesn't come soon though. What do you think ?

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

To the rescue

For some reason this week iv seen a lot of new clients with hair that needs a little more TLC than most. This is one of my pet hates... I mean can people really not see how bad their hair is sometimes? And then I hear they are using head and shoulders? Anyway This post isn't about moaning its about helping people and giving advice for whoever may need it?

The typical thing iv had this week is over processed hair, which means colour has been overlapped a number of times and the hair is now brittle or broken. To be completely honest the best thing to do is cut it I'm afraid. I know that's probably not what you want to hear but it's the truth. The hair needs to build its strength back and this is the best and quickest way. Going back allows you to go forward.

Another common problem I see is weak hair. This hair can be saved you will be glad to hear. But it will require some commitment. You need a good hair regime in place. A bit like a diet. A good shampoo and conditioner. Ideally something strengthening. Protein is your new 'BFF'. A leave in treatment like these new oils that are around. My fave is essence absolout by shu uemura. You need a good balance of strength and moisture. And last but not least weekly treatments. I know this is a pain in the bum but it really does help! If you want that long 'gisele' then this is the least it will take.

Hope this helps