Thursday, 7 February 2013

Going grey gracefully... Hmmmm

Not sure where I stand on this one if I'm honest. I have some guests that embrace there natural 'platinum' ones. And others that can't stand the sight of them.
There's pros and cons to both isn't there really? I mean au natural is a lot cheaper and much more low maintenance, but the question is, does it add years ?
I think you can get some seriously beautiful silver/whites and teamed with a chic haircut can look great, however, long straggly hair isn't always complimentary? In my books as long as the hair looks 'young' so do you.
Im really not into the highlight thing either really? Either get rid or embrace. I'm an all or nothing girl and I think 'lowlights' just look cheap.
Maybe when I get my first grey I'll feel different? We'll see, I'm hoping that day doesn't come soon though. What do you think ?

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