Friday, 7 June 2013

Colour extreme Hair art coloured hairsprays

Have you ever wanted to dye your hair pink but been too scared? Or fancy changing your colour for an event and then back again? Hear is something you may find interesting? Colour Extreme Coloured hairsprays by hair art. They come in multiple colours. Blue green pink purple red blue just to name a few. I can see these people good for things like festivals, fancy dress or if your feeling crazy, everyday?
The best thing is that they wash out in one wash. So no commitment, but lots of fun.
My first victim was my friend Frankie (mwahahaha) she's blonde and is partial to the odd pink toner here and there anyway so she was perfect to try it out on. (Just in case it needed more than one shampoo)

Over the next few posts i will be uploading some things Iv been trying out with them.
Hope you like, tell me what you think.

And by the way it was completely gone after one wash. So a fun easy quick way to have a change...without having a change.

Here's how to achieve frankies new look.