Tuesday, 29 January 2013

THE ponytail

The most simple hairdo, 'the ponytail' for anyone with at least shoulder length hair. The superchic hairstyle usually associated with a workout is now big news in hair fashion. To help you get it right iv collected a few pics and tips. Which pony are you?

The low and chic

3 rules that must be applied

1- freshly washed hair. Sleek not slick , there is a difference!
2- strong parting. It needs to look intentional and not lazy.
3- small hair bands not 90's scrunchys. Ideally similar colour to hair, if not wrap a small section of hair around to hide?

60's rebel

Iv already touched on this in a previous post '60's inspiration', but I must say its one of my faves.

The rules

1-height in the right place, we want high crowns not quiffs.
2-bigger the better, decide whether you want made in dagenham or made in Chelsea
3-mess is best , don't worry about being too 'perfect' its so not necessary,

Pony braid combo

Combining 2 trends, low pony + braids = super pony

Rule 1- to the side and looooong, adding wefts maybe needed for this one
2- pulled out, do your braid tight, then pull it out, yes pull it out
3- lots of texture, this is key, lots of texture and movement to add a laid back feel