Sunday, 19 May 2013

Daring to be different

We all get bored with our hair don't we. Some choose to make the change, others either too scared or just set in their ways. I love it when a client says to me, 'I feel like a change'. Instantly I get so excited!  I'm not a pushy stylist but I do encourage people to be experimental. It's fun!
What's funnier, looking at old pics where you look the same? Or looking at all the disastrous hairdos we've tried. I know my answer.
Being daring doesn't have to mean tacky. It needs to be done with class and have an expensive feel. It needs to be done on purpose not just thrown in there for the sake of it.

A classic example came to me last week. She is one of my favourite clients, I have been doing her hair for a few years so would say after all this time I know her boundaries. I also know her work are cool about her hair. ( to a certain extent)
Bored she was and different is what she wanted.
Unfortunately I forgot to take a before pic but it was just the same colour allover.
It also helps that she has amazingly shiny hair aswell.
A little feature to add interest.
She dared to be different.

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