Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The pretty ugly truth about hair extensions

Hair extensions are a passion of mine and it really disheartens me when I hear or read bad reviews on hair extensions. The most common thing is 'there bad for your hair' grrrr... And do you know what it's normally from people that haven't even had them before. So I thought I'd clear up a few things.
I use raccoon at the salon which I love! They are not pre bonded which allows me a lot of freedom to blend as many colours as I like but also to decide how big the bond should be. The hair quality is amazing and ethically sourced. But the most important thing is that they have been scientifically proven by a consultant tricologist to be safe for your hair. Now that for me is enough to have trust in the brand and product that I use.
There are however factors that you have to take into consideration I.e the hairdresser, the upkeep, your products and the removal.
As a stylist I would say I am very particular about my work and follow all the rules when applying hair extensions, ensuring my guest the safest and most comfortable way of wearing the hair they have always wanted.
If your hairdresser is not this way inclined then I'm afraid this is when it can lead to bad experiences.

So a few things to watch out for..

-weight for weight distribution; ensuring that hair applied is not heavier than the hair it is being attached to.
- bonds to tight; this is caused by hair being applied to close the root, meaning the bind cannot move around freely.
-bonds to big
-bonds not cleanly put in; lots of small hairs getting caught in the bind when applying can be very uncomfortable.
-removal; this must be done by your hairdresser! And also pain free! There should be no reason why it should be painful. Also make sure you have them out when you are supposed to, this is what causes matting.

I really hope this helps anyone out there considering hair extensions. Please give them a try if its something your considering but too scared.
The most important thing is finding the right hairdresser.

More posts on this to follow

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